Top Questions For A Print Shop

Top Questions For A Print Shop

The number of printing shops across the United Kingdom has increased drastically over the past few years. This makes it hard to determine which print shop is better than the other. There are, however, some questions that you can ask for you to end up with a clear idea or which printing place is suitable for you or your project.print shop

Some of these questions include:

Do customers get design support?

It is essential that you know whether the printing place offers design support to their clients. You might be stuck somewhere with your design, and you want creative help. There are printing companies that have a graphic designer on site while others only offer templates. Make sure you also ask for the charges.

What is the situation for their paper stock?

Different print designs require a different paper of distinct size and weight. You need to ensure that the printing place has the exact type of paper you want. Some of the types of paper they should have to include uncoated, coated, matte, and gloss, among others. In case you don’t know which paper to go for, enquire from the print company.

What is their turnaround time?

To avoid unnecessary disappointments, you need to know what the turnaround time of the printing place is so that you may know when to expect your work. Also, inquire if they have a distinct turnaround time for rush projects. That information will enable you to plan well.

Is there any guarantee?

A professional printer will offer any guarantee to establish trust with the client. Don’t assume that it is automatic that each will have one. You should ask the question to confirm so that you don’t end up having any problems with the printing company.

How long has the printing company been operational?

Asking how long they have been in business will help you validate their skills and experience. A printing company that has only been in business for a couple of months is likely to let you down. One that has been in business for long is capable of doing the job fast and without any delays. You are also less likely to experience some errors.

Those are so far the top questions that you should ask a print shop for you to know if they are qualified to handle a specific type of project. The last thing you want is prints full of errors delivered late simply because you assumed they are good at what they do. To enquire about the printing services available at PWD Creative, please contact our print specialists on 01772 312554 for further assistance.

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