We are a Key Piece of Your Printing Puzzle… the Award-Winning Xerox Versant 280 Press

New Press for 2024

A Formula for Success
Today’s digital presses from Xerox® Versant® Range delivers head-turning image quality, professional-grade text quality with outstanding speed and efficiency.

PWD Creative’s Xerox® Versant® 280 Press won a Buyers Lab (BLI) PRO Award from Keypoint Intelligence. Makes it even easier for you to choose PWD when looking for a printer in Preston that can make sure your printing stand out with up to 11 colours that create infinite productive possibilities.

Our press offers:

• 2400 x 2400 dpi Ultra HD Resolution and 10-bit RIP rendering for incredible, benchmark print quality

• Organic Toner (100% recyclable)

• Click-simple automation of traditionally time-consuming press setup tasks

• Highly productive feeding, printing and stacking of everything from small envelopes to sheets up to 1.2m for the ultimate in media versatility

• ENERGY STAR® 3.2 Certification for better sustainability and savings for the environment.

• We only use FSC certified papers which are sustainability produced to have minimal impact.

At the Core
By choosing PWD Creative for your next print job you can be assured the very best quality in print, design and service.
As print runs shrink and turnarounds times accelerate, Our press delivers printing fast and with ultra high quality helping you stay ahead. Our impose software speeds up set up times and helps us print jobs with better accuracy than ever before.