Social Media

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Social Media

What is social media?

Social media is a collective term for websites and
applications that focus on communication,
community-based input, interaction, content-sharing and collaboration.

People use social media to stay in touch and interact with friends, family and various communities. Businesses use social applications to market and promote their products and track customer concerns.

Business-to-consumer websites include social
components, such as comment fields for users. Various tools help businesses track, measure and analyse the attention the company gets from social media, including brand perception and customer insight.

Social media has enormous traction. Mobile applications make these platforms easily accessible. Popular examples of general social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

What are the business applications of social media?

In business, social media is used to market products, promote brands, connect to customers and foster new business.

As a communication platform, social media promotes customer feedback and makes it easy for customers to share their experiences with a company. Businesses can respond quickly to positive and negative feedback, address customer problems and maintain or rebuild customer confidence.

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